Focused on contemporary music and open to all sound worlds, the Drumming Percussion Group, founded and directed by Miquel Bernat in 1999, has been considered as one of the most important percussion internationally. Drumming GP challenges sound innovation by proposing shows of diverse character, supported by its aesthetic coherence and poetic unity, between music and scenic aspect as well as other art forms, aiming to disturb the public and create new types of concert, always with a very solid narrative.

The group travels from classical percussion to jazz, through electronics and rock, trying to develop stage music for theater, opera and ballet. It’s constant creative activity also has the didactic-pedagogical and social aspects. In addition to its pro-activity in creating new shows, the group works and explores, since it’s creation, the quality, personality and innovation of the group’s sound, also collaborating in the invention and configuration of unique instruments and drumsticks.

Drumming GP plays in the best halls and festival of Portugal and internationally has performed in Spain, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, South Africa and Brazil.